Divorce with Dignity Program

Happy Family The "Divorce with Dignity" program assists spouses with or without children proceed with a divorce without drawn out legal processes and attorneys. It is not uncommon for divorces to proceed without attorneys. Spouses can jointly proceed through the courts in a nonadversarial process, but informed decisions must be made and the paper work must be done correctly. 

Divorce with Dignity provides support and assistance combining mediation for financial and custody decisions, parenting time coordination for parenting time and drafting of a formal parenting plan, and legal assistance for the drafting process. Both participants are in full control of final decisions but they have the assistance of a skilled mediator and legal assistant. Both spouses must be in agreement to enter the process..

An experienced mediator and legal assistant will assist you in coming to agreement on custody, parenting time, holiday scheduling, and a Formal Parenting Plan, and help you come to agreement in division of debts and assets.  When agreement is reached that is satisfactory to both parties, drafting of your dissolution documents will be discussed with you. You will be instructed on how to proceed through the courts through a "default" proceeding. ("Default" means that both parties are in agreement with what is before the Court for signature.  The parties are not requesting a decision of the court.) Divorce with Dignity's responsibility is completed once the documents are delivered to the parties.

Fees for Service:

  1. Session time: $200 per party for up to a 3.5 hour session. (Division of fees can be divided by income percentages if agreed to by both parties.
  2. Drafting: $450 for drafting of the dissolution of marriage packet.  This fee can be split between the parties upon agreement.

Fees are paid at the time of service and are on a cash basis. We cannot accept credit card or checks for this service. We can accept a certified bank check.  We do not bill for services.

IMPACT-BASED PARENT EDUCATION for Separation and Divorce (IPE)


Parents involved in litigation where children are involved are legislatively required to attend a court approved parent education program. "Impact-based Parent Education (IPE)" is a Minnesota Supreme Court approved educational program for court-ordered parent education.

To access information and to register for this program, please go to the top navigational bar and touch on "What We Do" and then on the side menu, touch Impact-Based Parent Education.

Please see the "Impact-based Parent Education (IPE)," which is approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court for online parent education. To register, please go to the top bar of the Home Page to "What we do" and the side menu will help you access program explanations and registration pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the website or call the office.

The course explains legal terminology and court processes that parents need to be familiar with, and it will provide parents with a good base to make child-centered decisions.  Attending this course before entering into any conflict resolution process, whether it is mediation or ENE, will help you prepare for the process.  It can decrease costs and improve chances of successful resolution when parents are informed and prepared to bring solutions to the negotiation table.

Our program meets the requirements for court-ordered parent education in cases of:

• Separating parents
• Divorcing parents
• Parents affected by paternity actions
• Grandparents taking on the role of parenting

This program is often taken by parents voluntarily, without being ordered by the court.

Convenient Online Course Delivery

By choosing the IPE class you will have all the convenience of an online course with the benefits of a traditional class. Impact-based Parent Education (IPE) is delivered in a safe, online format, meaning you can attend the program from the convenience of your home or location of choice. The course is comprised of live online lecture (similar to being in a classroom setting), printed materials, and video to enhance your learning experience.  It provides you with resources to develop a plan for effective communication and ways to help you manage the challenges parenting time scheduling.  You have access to a parenting coordinator, mediator and legal assistant with over 26 years of experience in the field for the duration of the lecture.

Parenting Time Coordination

This is a mediation process that helps parents with parenting time and custody issues.  Custody litigation frequently be resolved when both parents are able to come to agreement on a parenting time schedule that provides better access to their children and improving the parents' ability to communicate the needs of their children. The mediation process will help parents address concerns and address the needs of both parents placing the children as the priority.  It is a child-centered conflict resolution process that ends with a Formal Parenting Plan that is your written agreement regarding major decisions regarding your children, custody, parenting time, holiday scheduling, educational decisions, and sharing of information regarding your children.  The formal parenting plan is then filed with the court or attached to your current court file.

The process is appropriate for any child-related issue, which can be with unmarried parents, parents in need of a transitional parenting time schedule for reconnection of a parent with a child, post-decree parenting problems, or divorce.

Fees for Services:

  • $200 per parent per 3 hour session unless parents agree to a division using income percentages.

If a second session is needed to complete the negotiation, the fee for a two hour session follow-up session is $100 per parent for up to a 2 hour session.  This may be needed to complete the Formal Parenting Plan. Parents that attend the Impact Based Parent education before entering mediation for parenting time coordination or custody mediation rarely need a second session. All fees are due at the beginning of each session and are on a cash only basis.  Personal checks are not accepted.

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