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Mediation Works North is an organization founded on the mission of helping families in conflict, mostly in the area of divorce whether there are children or no children, and also helping unmarried with custody and parenting time scheduling.

You may have received a parent education order from the court if you filed or are involved in any court litigation involving children.  This is ordered for every parent involved in litigation according to statutue, even if parents are proceeding by default. A parent education class is not about teaching parenting skills, but teaching parents how to lessen effects of divorce or separation on children, helping litigants understand legal terminologies and court processes better, and to help parents understand the role of emotions on child-centered decision making processes.

Mediation Works North provides a well-respected program that meets all Supreme Court requirements for online parent education. (Please use navigation bar above, "Services" and see Impact Parent Education.  Please see "Example of Topics" and also the "Registration" page to register for the program. The cost of the program is $50 payable by credit card.  

Services we provide:

 (1) Impact Parent Education for Divorce and Separating Parents (IPE) - online

 (2) Mediation services for family conflict specializing in divorce, custody and parenting time

 (3) Drafting services - dissolution of marriage - Minnesota 

 (4) Early Neutral Evaluation  

Please call for more information at (218) 263-7307

  • For Impact Parent Education:  Please see Navigation Bar/Services Overview and Impact Parent Education/Course Topics and Impact Parent Education/Intro and Registration
  • For Mediation: Please see Navigation Bar/Services/Mediation
  • For Mediation regarding custody, parenting time, pre and post decree co-parenting and ENE, please see Navigation Bar/Parenting Coordinator

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