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Impact Parent Education for Separated and Divorcing Parents.

The program offers support to families in transition of divorce and separation.  The curriculum is appropriate for parents who are in the midst of divorce proceedings, struggling with co-parenting issues that are post-decree, and parents who are parenting children apart.  It is a program approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court for online classes. The program is designed to reduce barriers to quality court ordered parent education that is facilitated by a person rather than an automated computer generated program. It provides the convenience of online and the advantages of a traditional class with a trained professional as the facilitator.

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Mediation Services

Education is one piece of the puzzle in achieving family peace for divorced or separating parents.  Mediation and other intervention services may also be needed to bring parenting and financial issues of divorce and separation to a close. Mediation is a conflict resolution process facilitated by a trained third-party neutral.

Mediation involves solution based dialogue to address issues and concerns of one or both parties and reach resolution that is acceptable to both parties. Final decision making powers is in the hands of the parties and the mediator does not make binding decisions.  The mediator will place your agreement in writing.  It is a confidential process; meaning negotiations are not shared with anyone outside of the mediation room unless requested by both parties.  The mediator will not discuss your case with attorneys or others involved in your situation.  The mediator cannot be called as a witness against either party. Mediation is a cost effective alternative to litigation and attorneys. We provide mediation on a capped cost per extended session to save cost for parents and avoid unnecessary transportation costs for parties.  Evening sessions are most always available.  Weekends are available only in special circumstances.

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Early Neutral Evaluation

We provide mediation services for parenting time coordination and Lois Warner is an Early Neutral Evaluator.


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Mediation and Parenting Plans

Court-Approved Education
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