Impact-based Parent Education - for Separate Parenting and Divorce

Healthy Parenting PhotoImpact Parent Education (IPE) for Separated and Divorcing Parents is designed to change your outlook on co-parenting. It is designed to help you improve your ability to work with the other parent more effectively for the sake of your children.  Being friends with the other parent, while nice, is not necessary for effective co-parenting. Through Impact Parent Education, you will learn ways to effectively communicate even when things are tense; steps to joint problem-solving; learn ways to improve co-parenting skills; learn what factual data you will need to gather in divorce; learn about the roles of attorneys, courts, and others that may be involved in a divorce action; find out what other resources are available from other sources; and many other topics that may be relevant to you; but most importantly, how divorce and separation impacts children and ways to lessen effects. 

Children are deeply affected when parents remain in conflict over divorce, custody and parenting time.  It is frequently the case that parents begin to work more effectively once the litigation process is over.  However, 10-12 percent of parents remain in conflict over their children regardless of preventive resources, such as parent education and mediation.  Courts are designed to resolve the legal issues; however, courts and the legal system is not designed to resolve or better the working dynamics between parents.  On the contrary, legal processes are adversarial by nature, and can increase the tension and create lack of trust between parents.  Parent education and mediation are designed to help parents work through the issues and stay in control of the decisions that impact the family as a whole, the children and the parents.  Parent education is designed to keep parents informed about the roles of courts and attorneys, what resources are available for them, and how to lessen effects on their children.

There are protective factors you can provide for your children: develop respectful and effective communication processes; develop a parenting time schedule that works for both parents and your children; learn ways to flex around your schedule while still maintaining stability; and building continuity between the two households.

Impact Parent Education will provide you with ideas and tools to build a more effective and peaceful co-parenting relationship.  Impossible you say? It might be less difficult than you think.

Court-ordered parent education

Impact Parent Education for Separated and Divorcing Parents is appropriate for:

  • Separating parents
  • Divorcing parents
  • Parents affected by paternity actions
  • Grandparents taking on the role of parenting

Impact Parent Education (IPE) for Separate Parenting and Divorce meets all requirements for court ordered online parent education (Minnesota Statute 518.157) and is approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court also for online delivery.

Online Parent Education Classes:

This course is approved across the State of Minnesota for online parent education.  This online parent education course requires 3.5 hours to complete.  Parents must have an email address and internet speeds capable of viewing short video content. There are no lengthy downloads and brief evaluations are part of the course.  Other educational resources are provided to provide additional support to parents. Cost for the online course is $50 per parent.  Please use the registration process below. Credit card payment options are provided. Please use the drop down menu and use the $50 option which is listed under reduced fees.

Course Access Instructions:  Your course materials, links to the modules and passcodes are unique to you.  They will be emailed to you with a pass code.  Please allow time for the payment to process and the links to be delivered to your inbox. The course materials once emailed to you are accessible at any time.

The modules are easy to access and easy to view without numerous screens to maneuver.  There are no lengthy downloads, but Adobe Flashplayer is necessary, which is installed in the majority of computers.  It is a free and uncomplicated download.  It is needed to view most online video contents on the internet.  

Parenting time scheduling and communication might be easier than you think when provided the right information to help you succeed.


If you are going through parenting time, custody or divorce disputes, please take the Impact Parent Education Class not because of a court order; please take it for the sake of your children.

Traditional Parent Education for Separated and Divorcing Parents

Impact Parent Education is held at the Hibbing Grace Lutheran Church, 4010 9th Ave. West, in Hibbing, MN  from 5:45- 9:30 p.m.  No child care, snacks or beverages are provided.  Children are not allowed in the building during the class.  Only registered parents are allowed to attend. Parents must have an available working email address to receive class materials and their Certificate of Completion upon completion of the course.  Reading of the Parent Handbook is an important part of the course, and the handbook provides you with expanded materials on many subjects. 

Safety Notice:  If there is an Order for Protection in place, your safety is your responsibility.  You may want to consider the online course if there is a risk of both of you attending the same traditional class.  If there are safety concerns, it is your responsibility to be vigilant. 

Registration:  Pre-registration is required for traditional class  Credit cards cannot be accepted on site and must be done through registration and payment process below.  If you do not have a credit card, cash payment can be accepted at the door if arranged in advance. A money order or certified bank check (you can go to your bank and receive a certified bank check for free) can also be mailed in. Please call the office at 218-263-7307.

A Parent Handbook and other resources will be emailed to you shortly after registration by email.  If you do not receive them before the class, please contact by phone or email.  You will receive an email reminder before the class. There is no printing required for any materials.

Certificate of Completion: Certificates of Completion are electronically delivered within 48 hours of completion of the evaluation form. 

Traditional Class Schedule. 



Location - Traditional Classes

  5:45-9:15 p.m.
Hibbing Grace Lutheran Church, 4010 9th Ave. W. Hibbing, MN (directions)
Oct. 15, 2015
Wednesday, 5:45-9:15 p.m.

Hibbing Grace Lutheran - please pre-register at 218-263-7307 or use the register form below to pay by credit card

Dec. 3 2015

Tuesday, 5:45-9:15 p.m.

Hibbing Grace Lutheran - please pre-register at 218-263-7307 or use the register form below to pay by credit card

Date to be set, 2016

5:45-9:15 p.m.

Hibbing Grace Lutheran - please pre-register at 218-263-7307 or use the register form below to pay by credit card

Course Fees

Fees are necessary to pay for costs of providing the program to parents.  We know litigation is expensive.  Education in divorce, custody or parenting time disputes is critical in reducing costs and helps parents be better prepared in working with their attorney and the courts.  More importantly, parent education is critical in reducing effects of divorce and separation on children.  Your contribution ensures that every parent receives quality education alternatives.  Thank you for your support.

  1. $50 per parent for online - payment by credit card below - drop down menu using the $50 option.
  2. $80 per parent for traditional class (cost is more for traditional due to higher costs for facilitation).
  3. ** $50 per parent for traditional class (reduced fee waiver) — pre-approval only. Please contact us before registering under a reduced fee status for the traditional course.

Note on Reduced Fee Waivers: According to Minnesota Statutes 518.517 Subd. 6. Fee "Each person who attends a parent education program shall pay a fee to defray the cost of the program… Program providers shall implement a sliding fee scale"  A court based reimbursement program is not available so we cannot maintain the program on waived fees, but we do further reduce or even waive fees if a parent has extreme hardship.  We cannot waive or reduce fees when a parent is represented by a privately retained attorney.

Refunds: There is a $10 refund fee once payment occurs


Register for one of the upcoming courses using our online registration process. Please provide: 1) the Participant's Name, 2) Phone and e-Mail Address, and 3) the date of the class (please indicate traditional or online) you want to attend; 4) Please include your address. Click the payment button when completed.

Online Registration:  Use the drop down menu for $50.  Be sure you clearly make note that it is your intent to take the online course.  There is no need to put in a start date.  Please allow time for class materials to be delivered to your email.

Payment is processed through the safety of PayPal.  You can use your own credit card to pay.  You do not need a PayPal account to register or pay online. Your name, address, phone and email must be filled out before registration can continue. If the payee is not the participant (someone is paying for the class for you), please indicate that so I am clear on who the registrant is. Be sure to provide a valid email address that class materials and resources can be emailed to.

Thank you for considering our Impact Based Parent Education Program. I look forward to working with you.

If you have questions please contact us.  Thank you!

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