Impact-based Parent Education - for Separate Parenting and Divorce

Healthy Parenting PhotoImpact Parent Education (IPE) wants to impact you!  We want to help you improve your ability to work with the other parent more effectively for the sake of your children.  Being friends is not necessary. Some of the suggestions we provide work even with minimum contact situations. 

Children are deeply affected when parents fight.  They are deeply affected if parents are not able to communicate effectively.  They are deeply affected if there is no continuity between the two households.

Do you want to be impacted in your ability to co-parent?  We will teach you some steps to effectively co-parent, and it might be less difficult than you think.

Court-ordered parent education courses - Online and Traditional

Our program meets the requirements for court-ordered parent education in cases of:

  • Separating parents
  • Divorcing parents
  • Parents affected by paternity actions
  • Grandparents taking on the role of parenting

This program is often taken by parents voluntarily, without being ordered by the court.

Impact Parent Education (IPE) for Separate Parenting and Divorce meets all requirements for court ordered online parent education (Minnesota Statute 518.157) and is approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court for online delivery. We also have traditional classes available to parents.

Interactive Online Class

All the convenience of an online course
with the benefits of a traditional class.

Online classes requires 2 online webinar sessions for completion.  The interactive Impact Parent Education (IPE) is delivered in a safe, online format, meaning you can attend the program from the convenience of your home or location of choice. It is an interactive live facilitated class, meaning this is not an "anytime online."  It is a webinar series that is with a trained facilitator, online with you and other parents.  You will interact using a chat box. Parents are not provided microphone rights and webcams are not used. You will need an active email address to receive class materials.  There is some reading involved.  There is no need for a printer, other than to print a copy of your Certificate of Completion that will be emailed to you once your evaluation form is completed and turned into the facilitator. It is taught through PowerPoint, interactive, online reading and resources.

Step-parents, grand-parents or any other individuals involved in the lives of your children are encouraged to view the lectures with you and read the class materials and resources. (In respect for registered participants, we request that guests not formally registered not take part in the interactive parts of class discussion.

Please see the class schedule below.  When scheduling, please be clear on what class you are attending and make note of Traditional or Online dates.

Traditional classes

This course requires one, four hour session held in Hibbing, Minnesota location only. Traditional classes are held the first Saturday of every month.  They are held at the Hibbing Grace Lutheran Church, 4010 9th Ave. West, Hibbing, MN  at 9:00a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  No child care, snacks or beverages are provided.  Children are not allowed in the building during the class.  Please bring pencils, pen and paper for notetaking. Only registered parents are allowed to attend.  The parent handbook and class resources are delivered electronically. Registrants must have a working accessible email to receive class materials. The Certificate of Completion is provided after the class is completed. 

Safety Notice:  If there is any safety concern or an order for protection in place, please be advised that it is your responsibility to be aware of any safety concerns in your situation. 

Registration: Please indicate clearly when registrating which class date you will be attending.  Early registration is strongly recommended. Even if a case settles, it is very important that parents have knowledge of how to decrease effects of separation and divorce on children.  Please attend the Impact Parent Education program not because of a court order, but because it is a resource for you to help your children through the challenges ahead.

Impact Parent Education is very helpful before a mediation session or any Alternative Dispute Process or pending hearing.  Most importantly, the materials and information you receive will serve as a resource for the years ahead.

Parent Education Handbook:

For the wise use of your time and in order to keep the lecture time limited to four hours, reading the Parent Handbook is an important part of the course. The Parent Handbook provides you with additional information on each topic. The lecture provides an overview of each required topic and the opportunity to ask the facilitator questions and provide you with support. The Parent Handbook contains all the information needed for the online access.  Both options require a working email address to receive your handbook.  The online requires an internet access fast enough to download up to 7 minute videos without lag time.

Once registered, you will receive your class materials and resources within 3 days.  If you do not receive your materials, please email or call the office.  You will receive email reminders before the class date.

Certificate of Completion: Certificates of Completion are electronically delivered within 48 hours of completion of the evaluation form which requires reading of portions of your Parent Handbook and answering some basic questions on class content. 

Class Schedule. 

The lecture amount of time is the same for both traditional and interactive online, just done in different ways. 




1 Lecture Traditional Class: Sat. 9-1 pm

2015   Time  Lecture Options

 Online - 2 sessions


 Tradition Classes - 1 session


5/26 and 5/27/15

online: 6-8:00 p.m.













1 lecture: 9-1:00 p.m.

 1 lecture: 9-1:00 p.m.




Online - Webinar sessions - Real time

 Traditional - Hibbing Location

 Traditional - Hibbing location




Course Fees

Fees are necessary to pay for costs of providing the program to parents.  We know litigation is expensive.  Education in divorce, custody or parenting time disputes is critical in reducing costs and helps parents be better prepared in working with their attorney and the courts.  More importantly, parent education is critical in reducing effects of divorce and separation on children.  Your contribution ensures that every parent receives quality education alternatives.  Thank yu for your support.

  1. $80 per parent/participant.
  2. Reduced Fee: $50 per parent/participant. Reduced fees MUST be pre-approved prior to registration (see Note on Fee Waivers below). Once approved by telephone, you may use the registration form below to register. Please contact us before registering. Further negotiation of reduced fees may be considered for special circumstances.

Note on Fee Waivers: According to Minnesota Statutes 518.517 Subd. 6. Fee "Each person who attends a parent education program shall pay a fee to defray the cost of the program… Program providers shall implement a sliding fee scale"  A court based reimbursement program is not available so we cannot maintain the program on waived fees, but we do further reduce or even waive fees if a parent has extreme hardship.  We cannot waive or reduce fees when a parent is represented by a privately retained attorney.

Refunds: There is a $15 refund fee for credit card  payments.


Register for one of the upcoming courses using our online registration process. Please provide: 1) the Participant's Name, 2) Phone and e-Mail Address, and 3) the date of the lecture (please indicate traditional or online) you want to attend; 4) Please include your address. Click the payment button when completed.

Payment is processed through the safety of PayPal.  You can use your own credit card to pay.  You do not need a PayPal account to register or pay online. Your name, address, phone and email must be filled out before registration can continue. If the payee is not the participant (someone is paying for the class for you), please indicate that so I am clear on who the registrant is. Thank you for considering our Impact Based Parent Education Program. I look forward to working with you.

If you have questions or problems with the online payment site, please contact us. We can pre-register you by telephone as well. Thank you!

Fee Option (see rules on fee reduction)
Participant Name
Participant Phone
Participant Email
Start Date (See Schedule Above)

Or, View Cart / Check-Out

Computer and Technical Requirements

A computer with adequate internet connection.  An I Pad will accept the Adobe Connect download.  An I Phone is not acceptable because it is too small to see materials for the length of the webinar lectures and the data download with the videos is extensive. Participants are responsible for their technology needs and requirements.

No head set is needed; no web cam is needed.  Please set up your speakers so you can hear.  Parents are interactive with the facilitator through a chat box.  The facilitator is heard and materials are presented live, in real time, with a facilitator experienced in divorce mediation and parenting time coordination. 

All class materials are electronically delivered.  Certificates of Completion are provided by an unalterable electronically signed certificate within 24 hours of completion of both lectures.  Reading of the Parent Handbook is a mandatory part of the class.  Further instructions for the webinar are provided in the Parent Handbook. 

The webinar cannot be accessed through this website.  A separate web link to the virtual classroom is provided the Friday before the class. We encourage step-parents or grandparents that are actively involved in the lives of the children to sit in on the lectures. Step parents and grandparents cannot be part of class interaction, but it can be helpful to view the materials with the parent. Certification is provided to registered parent only. 

Traditional Lecture: Hibbing, Minnesota - Grace Lutheran Church - You will be provided with driving directions upon registration.  All class materials are delivered electronically.  The Certificate of Completion is delivered electronically.  Parents must have an accessible working email and be able to download materials and saved to computer or other electronic device.  Printing of materials are not needed.

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