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The Impact Parent Education program provides support for parents in the process of divorce or separation for married and unmarried parents.  

It is important that you understand court processes and terminology to more easily work within the system and decrease time and expense; but more importantly, it is important that you receive the information that you need to reduce parental conflicts that frequently occur in raising children between separate households, increase your knowledge of overcoming transitional challenges of divorce and separation, and discovering ways that help you provide support for your children through those transitions. 

Once notificaton of payment is received, you will receive a welcome email with a separate link to access course materials.  Attached to your welcome email will be a Parent Education Handbook and other printable resources. Please allow time for your registration to be entered into our database.  Once course evaluations are submitted you will receive an electronically signed certificate of completion within 48 hours. 

Please also see "Example Topics Covered" accessed with the Navy Blue Navigation Bar above.  (Go to Services, then Impact Parent Education and the side bar will show the article.)  This is a wonderful article that provides more information about "Why Parent Education is Important."   

If you have questions regarding the program, please feel free to call between the hours of Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m.  or contact the facilitator through the contact form on our website.

Thank you for choosing Impact Parent Education.


The cost for the course is $50.00.  This is a fee reduction from the regular course fee of $80. It is necessary to charge a fee to cover costs of providing this program. This reduction benefits all parents.

Please keep in mind that an I Pad does not have the same capacity as a laptop. An online program requires a great deal of download capacity and your device may or may not have Adobe Flashplayer capacity. An I Phone screen is too small and internet speed will not be adequate.

Alternative path to taking this course: If you do not have access to a laptop or computer or another adequate device to do the online method of completion of the program, we provide an alternative as long as you have a working email address and a way to download and read the Parent Handbook.  We understand that sometimes parents do not have access to a computer or may have limitations with data download capacity or slow internet speeds in rural areas.  We also understand that sometimes a parent is not comfortable around a computer or parents that prefer to learn by reading.  

We encourage parents to use the online learning method, because the most engaging way to learn is by using video, audio, and printed materials.  The online modules provides this. However, we want parents to make the choice of what works best for them.  Many parents read and do the online course work, because the Parent Handbook does contain expanded materials that the online version due to time limitations.  The choice, however, will be yours. The Parent Handbook is a resource intended for you to keep to help you with different challenges that may crop up in the future.

Both alternatives are provided to you in your welcome email and you can choose which method is best for you.   If you choose to complete the course work using the alternative, please make a note to the facilitator on your registratation payment form.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact your facilitator using the contact form on the home page and provide your phone number and you will receive a response by email or by phone.  Thank you for choosing the IPE program.  

To register, please provide us with the following:

1) Your name as you need spelled on your Certificate of Completion

2) Your phone number with area code

3) A working email address to provide you with the course study online links and materials

If you have questions please contact us.  Thank you!

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