Impact-based Parent Education - for Separate Parenting and Divorce

Healthy Parenting PhotoImpact-based Parent Education (IPE), aimed at parents that are going through separation or divorce, is designed to increase access for parents to quality parent education and reduce the barriers of work, childcare and transportation expense. It is designed for "impact" meaning it incorporates applicable resources and information to improve co-parenting skills.  It provides you with practical solution-based information and the support you need to improve your ability to manage conflict, communicate, and make transitions smoother for the sake of children.

Court-ordered parent education course

Our program meets the requirements for court-ordered parent education in cases of:

  • Separating parents
  • Divorcing parents
  • Parents affected by paternity actions
  • Grandparents taking on the role of parenting

This program is often taken by parents voluntarily, without being ordered by the court.

Impact-based Parent Education (IPE) for Separate Parenting and Divorce meets all requirements for court ordered parent education (Minnesota Statute 518.157) and is approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court for online delivery.

Convenient Online Course Delivery

All the convenience of an online course
with the benefits of a traditional class.

Impact-based Parent Education (IPE) is delivered in a safe, online format, meaning you can attend the program from the convenience of your home or location of choice. It is the only live facilitated co-parent education class approved by the Supreme Court in Minnesota or elsewhere.  The live facilitation allows for the convenience of online and the support of a faciliator trained in parenting coordination, mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation, and court protocol. 

You will not receive a program that provides more support than this program.  Unlike other online programs which are automated where you never see or hear from other parents or a trained individual, our program provides you with a Parent Handbook for future reference on every subject, including divorce financial considerations, blended family support, conflict resolution, problem solving, and healing affirmations, direct input from a trained facilitator and discussion forums.  Unlike other online programs where a Certificate of Completion might take 3 months to receive, parents receive an electronically signed Certificate of Completion inside 24 hours of completion of the lectures.

Using your computer and an internet connection, you’ll meet with a trained facilitator online along with other parents to join in discussion, view videos on relevant topics and study and learn together under the guidance of a trained individual.  (See "Who We Are" for the professional bio of the faciliator.)

Unlike any other online class, you’ll have the advantage of asking questions in real-time. Step-parents, grand-parents or any other individuals involved in the lives of your children are encouraged to view the lectures with you and read the class materials and resources. (In respect for registered participants, we request that guests not formally registered not take part in the interactive parts of class discussions.)

Topic Content:

Reading the Parent Handbook is an important part of the course.. It provides you with in-depth information on all topics. The lecture provide you with an overview of each required topic and the opportunity to ask the facilitator trained in parenting coordination any questions you may have on general topics.  It is an interactive live lecture done online in real time. In order to cover all materials, lecture is in two segments from 5:45 to approximately 8:00 p.m. All mandatory topics are addressed in the handbook and overviewed in the lecture.  Be prepared in advance to ask the facilitator any questions.  Please keep questions to general topics and not case specific.  She will not provide you with legal advice, but will provide general information in accordance with class materials.

How to Join the Session: Participating in your scheduled program is easy. You will receive an e-mail with your registration details and a link for you to click on to join the session. Simply click on that link 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your session. Follow the easy prompts. We’ll see you online!

Upcoming Schedule. 



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5:45-8:00 pm



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Course Fees

  • $85 per parent (includes both online lectures)
  • Fee waiver for parents proceeding with an In Forma Pauperis court order and is on public assistance.  A copy of your IFP order must be received by our office to register and receive class materials.
  • Fee waiver is not available if you have a retained attorney until there is a reimbursement for loss of fees in place through the courts.  If a parent can afford an attorney, they can afford to pay for the class.  You may, however, still be eligible for a reduced fee.  All parent education classes are independently offered and Mediation Works North does not receive funding support to provide the program other than fees from parents to provide the service.
  • $65 - A fee reduction for parents with an IFP but have a retained attorney or if a parent has an iFP but are not on public assistance, we will offer a $20 fee reduction.
  • Please call the office if you are requesting a fee waiver or reduction.  Registration must be completed by phone.  Parents must provide a phone number and their email address so class materials can be provided.


You can register for one of the upcoming courses using our online registration process. Please provide: 1) the Participant's Name, 2) Phone and e-Mail Address, and 3) the date of the "Lecture 1" session you wish to attend. Click the "Register Now" button. You will be directed to the check-out page for credit card payment. Participant's name, phone and email must be filled out before the register button will continue. When you finish that process, you will be directed back to our site. Thank you for considering our Parents Forever program. We hope that you find the seminar to be helpful.

If you have questions or problems with the online payment site, please contact us. We can pre-register you by telephone as well. Thank you!

Participant's Full Name
Phone / eMail Address
Course Start Date

Computer and Technical Requirements

All you need to participate in this program is a computer with audio and a high-speed internet connection (dial-up service and slow satellite connections will not work). Since all communication is through e-mail, you will need a working email address. You do not need a printer.

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