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Divorce with Dignity Program

Mediation and legal drafting alternatives for individuals that want to proceed without limited attorney or court involvement.

Divorce with Dignity is appropriate for divorce with or without children. The program is appropriate for divorces where parties are in agreement on their goals and need help organizing and ensuring all areas involved in the legal ending of their marriage are done correctly.  It is for divorces without complicated legal circumstances.  The mediator will speak with you by telephone to assess whether this program is right for your needs. Please inform her if there is any history of domestic violence or safety issues.  Please inform her if there is a pending bankruptcy action or family busines that may cause complications.

If you will be splitting a pension or other retirement assets, please check with your plan administrator's and financial institution if they wil need a QDRO to complete the division and whether the institution or plan administrator offers a form to be completed that can be signed by the judge in advance of completing this program.

What Does the Program Provide?

  • Helping you understand and organize what information is needed to make informed decisions
  • Help you make decisions on marital debts and asset divison
  • Help you make decisions on custody arrangements and parenting time
  • Draft a formal parenting plan addressing parenting time, holidays, vacations, transportation, exchanges, sharing of child related information, education and religious decisions, extracurricular activities for children, and safety issues
  • Work the child support calculator with you and negotiate child support within accepted court parameters
  • Help you make decisions on whether there is a need for permanent or temporary spousal maintenance
  • Discuss parent education requirements
  • Discuss dissolution form drafting options
  • It does not include drafting of QDRO's for splitting pensions or other retirement savings unless the plan administration can provide us with a form

Mediation Services - Parenting Time, Custody, and Paternity:

Most custody, paternity, and parenting time issues can be resolved through mediation.  Most issues regarding co-parenting conflict do not involve legal issues that the court can address, but rather involves the working relationships between two parents.

Conflict regarding children are usually created by the inability of parents to communicate and manage the challenges of scheduling between the two busy households in which their children now reside.  A Formal Parenting Plan addressing the co-parenting responsiblities of the parents is a helpful tool in keeping parents out of the courtroom for post-decree or post-litigation issues.

When parents receive the coaching services of a mediator trained and skilled in parenting time coordination, dynamic improvements can be made by the parents without the assistance of courts and attorneys.  Parents can be empowered by the mediation process to address future conflicts that often arise in raising children between separate households without further intervention services if a Formal Parenting Plan is put into place.

Custody can be very adversarial, and if it involves extended litigation, it usually destroys the working dynamics between parents.  Mediation can help restore balance after litigation when future issues arise and parents are not able to work together to resolve them without third-party assistance.

While many custody litigation is resolvable through mediation, much depends upon the willingness of the parents to work together to place the needs of the children as the first priority.  If there is a history of domestic violence or child abuse, mediation may not be appropriate.  Please inform the mediator during the intake process if there are any concerns that prevent a safety risk to you or your children.

How much will it cost? To make it affordable we use extended sessions with capped fees

  • $200 per parent per extended session. 

Sessions are 2-3 hours depending on the need of your situation. Sessions do not extend beyond 3 hours.  Agreement is frequently resolved inside 3 hours. Extended sessions avoids the need for repeated scheduling for the convenience of our clients. 

  • Parties can choose hourly fees at $175 per hour.  Sessions based on hourly fees are billed in 2 hour increments.

Payment Policy:  We do not bill our clients. Fees are due at the time of the service and are on a cash basis only. If another session is needed it can be scheduled in a way that allows you to pace them out to make it affordable. Checks or credit cards are not accepted for mediation services without added charge.

In any mediation alternative, the only persons present during any mediation process are the two parties and the mediator unless agreed upon between the parties and the mediator in advance of the session.

Post-Decree Mediation or Mediation Not Involving Children:

Fees for Services: 

Fees for services can be done on an hourly fee of $175 per hour, due at the time of service.  Length of sessions are 2 hours.


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