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Divorce with Dignity

The Divorce with Dignity program is an alternative that will help you with your divorce without attorneys.  However, it is not a substitute for legal advice if you have complicated legal issues such as business assets or intertwining of nonmarital properties.  Consult with an attorney before entering the program if you have legal questions. When you call to inquire about this service, you will go through an intake process to help you make a decision whether this process is right for you. If we recognize any complicated legal issues we will request that you consult with legal counsel before proceeding.

What does the process involve?

  • Organize needed information for your divorce documents
  • Help you make decisions on marital debts and asset divison
  • Help you make decisions on custody arrangements and parenting time
  • Draft a formal parenting plan addressing parenting time, holidays, vacations, transportation, exchanges, sharing of child related information, education and religious decisions, extracurricular activities for children, and safety issues
  • Work the child support calculator with you and discuss child support
  • Help you make decisions on whether there is a need for permanent or emporary spousal maintenance
  • Discuss parent education options that will be court required
  • Dissolution form drafting upon your request

Parenting Time Coordination, Custody and Paternity Mediation

Many parents struggle with co-parenting challenges at different times during the years of raising children in separate household.  Communication can be difficult and parents sometimes cannot agree on child-related issues.  Conflict is most always resolvable, but when people are in the midst of it, it can be difficult to see above the problem and see into solutions. Mediation is a resource you may wish to consider. Conflict usually escalates; it rarely de-escalates. Conflict has a "stacking"  effect when not addressed.  For this reason, the sooner parents enter a mediation process the easier it is to reach resolutions. Most court orders include a mediation clause requiring post-decree parenting time issues be addressed first with mediation.  Most situations can be resolved in one extended session and cost is far less than hiring legal counsel or paying for additional court hearings.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

Online dispute resolution, or oftentimes referred to as ODR, is a mediation process done online. We can negotiate and draft a parenting plan with you through the same process as our virtual classes.  Online dispute resolution is not as effective as traditional mediation, but it is an appropriate option if parents live at a distance or if the court orders mediation even if there is a presumed history of domestic violence as long as the court approves the process prior to parents entering the process.

Online dispute resolution in domestic violence situations is reserved for first time situations only and is not an alternative for repeated domestic situations.  If there is an order for protection in place, even online dispute resolution that provides no contact mediation needs prior approval of the court. It can be helpful in some circumstances to put into place safe exchanges and an approved method of communication between parents as long as it is court approved that parents can enter mediation. We reserve the right to refuse services if we feel there is a risk to either party or the mediator.

Cost for online dispute resolution: The cost is $200 per hour for session time. Parents must prepay for online mediation services and may use Visa or MasterCard.


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