Mediation Services

Mediation is a confidential process that involves parties to a conflict and a third-party neutral.  Mediation can be used to resolve issues of divorce with or without attorneys, pre and post-decree issues involving children, custody and parenting time issues with married or unmarried parents, conflict over an elderly parent's care or other family conflicts, and large group organizational conflict.  There are many different mediation forums. 

Mediation  Works North provides mediation for custody and parenting time, divorce mediation and dissolution of marriage document drafting using capped fee services so people understand how much the process will cost.  We also are an Early Neutral Evaluator that is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that is more court-based than mediation. 

Hourly fee: $100 per hour per party (Hourly sessions are 2 hours)

Capped fee services for divorce and parenting time: $200 per parent for an extended three hour session 

Drafting Services: $500 for completion of the dissolution of marriage packet

Divorce without Attorneys: What Will the Mediator Help You With?

  • Organize needed information
  • Negotiate agreement between parties of marital debts and asset 
  • Negotiate child-related issues, such as child support, custody and parenting time
  • Negotiate need for spousal support
  • Negotiate marital equity and distribution of real estate
  • Discuss dissolution form drafting options

Parenting Time, Custody, and Paternity Mediation

Most custody, paternity, and parenting time issues can be resolved through mediation.  Most issues regarding co-parenting conflict do not involve legal issues that the court can address, but rather involves the working relationships between two parents. Mediation is designed to put decision-making powers into the hands of parents who understand the needs of their children better than anyone.  

Fees for Services are same as the hourly and capped fee services above

  • Extended sessions are designed to avoid repeated scheduling for the convenience of our clients 

Payment Policy:  Payment is due at the time of service.  We do not accept credit cards for mediation or drafting and we do not accept checks.

Mediation Policy: Persons other than the parties involved in the litigation or dispute are not allowed without prior approval of the mediator and both parties.  Attorneys may be present with prior notice.  Children are not allowed in the mediation room only on rare occasion for a specific purpose  Parents must pre-arrange their own child care. 24 hour notice of cancelling is required. If there are safety concerns or a history of domestic violence it is the responsibility of the parties involved to inform the mediator.



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