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Mediation Works North believes:

  • That divorce and separation does not have to destroy children and that children can successfully be raised by parents that are divorced or separated when provided encouragement and resources to do so;
  • That a civil divorce or separation is possible when parents are committed to respecting one another and working towards fair resolution.

Mediation Works North provides divorce parent education for separating and divorcing parents, mediation services for families, particularly specializing in divorce, custody and parenting time, but does not exclude mediation for other family conflicts such as disagreements over elderly care between siblings and estate division among siblings.  

It provides assistance to individuals going through divorce that do not wish to hire attorneys and proceed through the courts with an uncontested divorce. We will help parties understand the process, organize factual documentation needed by the court to process their divorce, decide upon division of debts and assets, and assist them in agreeing upon child-related issues such as parenting schedules, custody, and child support.  

We provide legal drafting services for divorce documentation.  However, this is not a legal service and we do not provide legal advice. Parties will be requested to consult an attorney if their situation involves legal issues such as percentage division of pensions or complicating circumstances surrounding a marital or nonmarital asset that is disagreement between the parties or a pending bankruptcy. The parties will make a decision on how they wish to proceed through the courts once mediation processes are completed.

Lois Warner: Mediator, Parenting Time Coordinator, and Parent Educator

LoisWarner PhotoStrong communities are formed by strong families.  Divorce and separation does not end a family; it transitions it.  It ends the love relationship, but the parental relationship continues. It is not the divorce or separation that destroys people and children; it is continuing, ongoing conflict.

I worked as an official court reporter for ten years, mostly in the family court system. I have an A.A.S. degree in legal assistance from the Itasca Community College. I studied family dynamics and crisis management through Bemidji State University.  I have advanced training in parenting coordination, and working with complicated relational dynamics as it refers to managing conflict and reaching solutions.  I am a trained Early Neutral Evaluator.

I was trained in divorce mediation and domestic violence mediation through the Erickson Mediation Training Institute in Minneapolis and have undergone training in advanced mediation, family group conferencing, workplace mediation and restorative justice.  I have been a parent educator since 1999 and developed my own online program approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2013.

  • I personally believe that quality education for parents going through divorce can have great impact as long as the ideas and concepts are applicable to the challenges parents are facing in making the transitions and helping their children understand the changes.  
  • I personally believe that families can remain strong even through the most trying of circumstances if given encouragement and hope that things will improve if they do not give up.
  • I personally believe in the power of prayer to give parents willing hearts to stay positive and affirming to one another's parental relationship so their children are free to love and be proud of their families into which they were born so they are able to maintain a positive sense of identity throughout their childhood into adulthood.


Lois Warner

Founder and Director of Mediation Works North, LLC


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