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Solutions for Effective Co Parenting

We provide mediation and a court approved online co parenting education program. Our educational program helps you work more efficiently with the courts with or without attorneys. Litigation is stressful, and expensive.  Your money is not wasted on finding solutions through mediation or our co-parent educational program.We will help you overcome stress and save you money by helping you discover solutions. If you are or will be raising children between separate households, the Impact Parent Education Program is your best resource.     

Parent Education Program

Impact Parent Education (IPE) is a high quality educational program that is easy to understand.  It is a stress-free way to learn about courts and co-parenting in the confidentiality of your own home. Included with the course is an 80 page downloadable full color Parent Handbook.  This course meets all requirements for court ordered online parent education under Minnesota Statute 518.157.  The recorded modules provide neutral, practical and straight-forward information.    

Civil Divorce

When spouses agree that the marriage is over and they agree to mediate their divorce to conclusion, it can save both parties thousands of dollars. We help spouses discuss what is best for them in proceeding with a divorce while placing the needs of children first.  Spouses are provided with the option of legal drafting services or proceeding with having their documents drafted by an attorney of their choice. We have assistend hundreds of people proceed with their divorce successfully. With some practical guidance, it is not always as difficult as one thinks.  However, this service is not a substitute for legal advice.  If you have legal questions, or a legal issue arises, parties will be encouraged to speak with an attorney before proceeding with the process.

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