Happy FamilyMediation Works North was founded upon the mission of assisting parents, spouses and families resolve conflicts for the preservation of family and peace within hearts of persons we serve. Mediation Works North began its mission by providing mediation to low income parents in conflict over children in 1997.

Today, Mediation Works North provided online parent education for divorce and separating parents (IPE Program), family mediation, particularly parenting time, custody, and divorce, with or without attorneys, and legal drafting services for dissolution of marriage documentation. No matter what degree of services we provide, no matter what type of services rendered, Mediation Works North never loses sight of its goal and its purpose since its inception in 1997:

“Preservation of family and peace within hearts and homes.”

1) Impact Parent Education (IPE)

Education for Divorce and Separating Parents

Minnesota Supreme Court approved parent education for divorcing and separating parents (Legislatively mandated). The IPE course is offered online and meets all requirements for parent education orders in the State of Minnesota. (IPE – Impact Parent Education: Changes the way parents think about co-parenting)

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2) Mediation

  • Divorce mediation with legal drafting of dissolution documentation
  • Post-decree parenting time issues
  • Family group conferencing for large group discussions
  • Conflicts over care of an elderly parent or the care of a vulnerable adult.

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Mediation and Parenting Plans

Court-Approved Education
for Families in Transition
of Divorce or Separation

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