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Separating CoupleMediation is a confidential process with a third-party neutral that assists parties to a conflict resolve issues. It is oftentimes court ordered in divorce, custody and parenting scheduling conflicts. It can occur with or without attorneys, and mediation is often successful in resolving pre and post-decree issues involving children, custody and parenting time issues with married or unmarried parents, or other family-based conflicts.

Mediation Works North specializes in mediation for custody and parenting time, divorce mediation with or without legal drafting services.

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Resolving Parenting Time Conflicts

Sometimes parents do not agree on parenting time. Parents might be facing a situation whereby a parenting time schedule that once worked no longer is working because the needs and parents have changed. Life changes: work schedules change; extracurricular activities of children change; children grow older or there may be a more major change such as a parent changing residence creating a need for a parenting time schedule change. There are situations when work schedules between parents are complicated and parents need help in deciding on viable alternatives that meet the needs of children and parents. Sometimes there are concerns and issues that need to be addressed and communication between parents becomes strained and joint problem solving comes to a grinding halt. Sometimes there are more serious needs, such as the need for transitional parenting time to reinstate relationship of a disconnected parent under a court order to re-establish parenting time.

Sometimes parents just need a little help and sometimes they need a lot of help. Every situation is different, because people and families are unique and different.

Separating couple with childOne thing that may not always be recognized by parents: If one parent has a concern it affects everyone -- even if the other parent disagrees with the concern. It is not unusual for one parent to see a problem exists but is not affecting the other parent. The bottom line is, if one parent is having a problem with something it will end up that both parents have a problem if they do not address it effectively.

Working issues through with a trained mediator and parenting coordinator will save you time and money if it avoids yet another court hearing. Call a mediator in your local area.

Mediation Works North in located in Northern St. Louis County, Hibbing, Minnesota serving the surrounding communities on the Iron Range.

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