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Separating CoupleMediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process that employs a third-party neutral to assist individuals in resolving conflict.  It is a confidential process that helps individuals find the right solutions meeting the needs of all parties.  It is designed to avoid litigation and reduce litigation time and expense.

The Civil Divorce

Mediation Works North helps parties proceed through a civil divorce.  A trained third-party neutral will help parties to a divorce make decisions regarding division of marital assets and debts and make important decisions regarding their children.

Mediation Works North provides a Minnesota Supreme Court approved online parent education program that meets the requirement for certification that parents must complete an approved co-parent educational program for any litigation involving children.  

Once agreement is reached, the mediator will discuss different ways in which the parties can proceed to finalize their divorce.  Legal drafting services are provided for parties that want to file their divorce without the assistance of attorneys. Many parties to a divorce successfully file for a divorce without attorneys if they understand the process and are proceeding in full agreement. 

Fees for Mediation

Resolving Parenting Time Conflicts

Developing the right parenting time schedule is an important decision.  A parenting time schedule may need to be revised as children's needs change.  If a parenting schedule is not working for one parent, even if it is working for the other, conflict between both parents is inevitable.  Conflict always escalates if the reasons for the conflict are not addressed. One thing that may not always be recognized by parents: If one parent has a concern it affects everyone! The bottom line is, if one parent is having a problem with something it will end up that both parents have a problem if they do not address it effectively. Children are affected by parental conflict.

Courts frequently order parents into mediation before hearing the sides of the parties.  Resolving co-parenting conflicts through with a trained mediator and parenting coordinator will save you time and money if it avoids yet another court hearing. Call a mediator in your local area. It can save thousands of dollars if agreement can be reached through mediation rather than through litigation.  Statistics have proven that parents that resolve conflicts through mediation have a better chance of long-term success in reducing future conflict.  

Separating couple with child

Mediation Works North is located in Northern St. Louis County, Minnesota serving the surrounding communities on the Iron Range.

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