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Parenting or Family Mediation

These services are available on-site in Hibbing, MN only

  • $200 per hour

(To help parents better afford mediation, the fee is maximized at $500 (or $250 per parent if fee is equally divided) for one extended session requiring more than two hours but maximized at three hours.  Most parenting disagreements can be addressed within a three hour period.

Fees for mediation can also be assessed by percentage if it is discussed and agreed upon in advance of scheduling.  Fees are due at time of service by cash or Certified Bank Check.  Personal checks or credit cards are not accepted for mediation.)

Legal drafting servicesDivorce Service

  • Mediation - $200 per party for up to 3-hour session to discuss and organize financial data, custody decisions and will help you assess the need and amount for child or spousal support
  • $600 dissolution of marriage documentation

If there are minor children, it is a legislative mandate that each parent attend a divorce parent education program.  The "Impact Parent Education for Divorce and Separating Parents" is court-approved and provided through this website. Completing the Impact Parent Educational program is helpful before entering this service. The cost for the online course is $50 per parent payable by credit card. If you decide to register in advance of entering this service, please use the navigation bar above to access our program.

The court administration charges a filing fee of $435-$500 for filing your documents. The divorce service is separate from the filing of the documents and the court procedures. However, if you have limited income, extensive debt and children, you might be eligible for a filing fee waiver of court fees. We can help you complete the form for a fee waiver. 

Persons Present in Mediation

Persons other than the parties involved in the litigation or dispute are not allowed without prior approval of the mediator and both parties. Attorneys may be present with prior notice. Children are not allowed in the mediation room only on rare occasion for a specific purpose. Parents must pre-arrange their own child care. A miniumum of 24-hour notice of cancelling is required. Re-scheduling without appropriate notice will require pre-payment before rescheduling. If there are safety concerns or a history of domestic violence, mediation may not be an appropriate alternative. If there is an Order for Protection or Harassment Order in place, mediation cannot occur without advance court approval. It is the responsibility of the parties involved to inform the mediator before scheduling of the status of your situation.


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