Fees - Mediation & Legal Drafting

Fees and Services


Please call our office for an estimate of services.  Mediation sessions are two hours. Hourly fees are usually equally split between spouses and parents.  

  • $200 per parent for a 2-hour session

Dissolution of Marriage Drafting Services

We will upon request draft the online dissolution of marriage forms required to bring you divorce before a judge if you choose not to go through attorneys.

  • $600 – Drafting of online dissolution of marriage forms

Forms of Payment

All fees are due at the time of service.  Personal checks are not accepted.  Certified bank checks provide a formal receipt of payment or you can make a cash payment. Credit cards are not accepted for mediation.

What to Bring for Civil Divorce Mediation

  1. Proof of income (This may include a letter of salary, pay stub with hourly wage, 1099 or two years' tax returns)
  2. Proof of 401K or other retirement current statements
  3. Letter of proof of pension and value
  4. List of year, make, model and approximately value and loan balance statements of vehicles, including recreational boats, 4-wheels, snowmobiles, RV's, motorcycles
  5. Real Estate: Full property description (from mortgage or deed and not from a tax statement), when the property was purchased and whose names are listed on the deed, mortgage or equity loan balances
  6. Make a list of any outstanding debts and balances
  7. If there will be a request for spousal support, both parties please be prepared with basic monthly expense budgets
  8. Balances on all cash, checking or savings accounts
  9. Health and dental insurance information for children and parents
  10. Proof of childcare expenses (yearly)

Persons Present in Mediation

The parties and the mediator are the only individuals present during mediation unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon in advance.  Children are not allowed in mediation. Parents are responsible to provide childcare outside of the mediation area.  

Cancellation or Withdrawal

Either party can cancel an appointment.  However, the canceling party must notify the other party in person and then is required to notify the mediator within 48 hours of cancellation.  The mediator reserves the right to withdraw from providing services upon proper notice to both parties.

History of Domestic Violence or Order for Protection

If there are safety concerns or a history of domestic violence, mediation may not be an appropriate alternative. If there is an Order for Protection or Harassment Order in place, mediation cannot occur without Court approval. Mediation Works North reserves its right to not provide services where safety is a concern.


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