Impact Based Parent Education

Why Parent Education Is Important

FamilyMinnesota courts legislatively require that parents involved in litigation over children, be it divorce, parenting time, custody or paternity, attend a Minnesota Supreme Court approved parent education program, regardless if parents are proceeding by default and stipulated agreement. Impact Parent Education (IPE) for Separating and Divorcing Parents meets all requirements for court ordered online parent education under Minnesota Statute 518.157.

Impact Parent Education (IPE): a Resource for Parents

The most important resource parents have is information -- learning ways to overcome and work with challenges.

Find the Win-Win

Litigation is an adversarial system where parents involved in divorce or litigation over children are at the opposite sides of the courtroom tables.

The IPE course offers suggestions, ideas, resources, and information that can make a difference.  Parents can be empowered to make positive changes and end litigation sooner and with less cost by co-parent education. The IPE course is designed to help parents find ways to develop win-win solutions that work within their unique family system. 

Courts recognize that parents need more than a litigation process if there is to be lasting improvements in the home environments of children. Let these lasting improvements begin with the Impact Parent Online Course.

IPE Reviews

"I really liked that this course got me thinking about how my personal feelings really do affect my children and their perspective of their father. I now know that I need to present myself in a pleasant manner and let the children know that we are all still a family and that both myself and their father are still going to parent together and make decisions together regarding their well-being."

"My ex and I have been talking over things these past two days and actually planning things out with the children. Mapping out our calendar to accommodate his Military Guard Duty weekends so the kids still spend as much time as possible with each of us."

"The first thing I need to work on is forgiving myself. I recognize my role in the breakdown of our marriage as well as his, as we began growing apart several years ago. But I never thought that forgiving myself was necessary, but I see now that it is a vital step in moving on and forgiving him as well."

"To make things easier, I need to stay focused on the kids and our future, and stop getting so caught up in the process we're going through. I appreciate that my co-parent is a very loving and caring mother, who generally always puts the needs of our kids first."

"This course was an extremely informative class. I'm so happy that it is court ordered as I'm sure it is helpful to many parents going through a breakup."

"I liked that the course was very relevant and it kept the information flowing without getting monotonous or boring or overwhelming. Lots of common sense! The handbook is chock full of great information."

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