Letter from the Program Facilitator

Dear Parents:

Lois WarnerI believe firmly that it is not only the divorce or separation process that hurts families, individuals or children.  Rather, it is the inability to move forward in a measure of peace and the harboring of anger and resentment that truly rips apart the family structure and hurts the individuals within.

In my work as a professional mediator, co parent educator, and parent coordinator, I have seen that parent education and mediation together can turn the dynamics of even highly conflicted parents into a working co parent relationship.

With the IPE course, I personally look through every submitted evaluation, and I respond by email where I can offer a suggestion or words of encouragement.  I have really seen the Impact Parent Education (IPE) impact for the better the way parents think about co parenting.  When I see this impact in thinking, I see a step forward for the family. 

In the bigger picture, I firmly believe that the strength of family is the backbone of every culture and every community and the strength of every nation and every state.  Without parents that are able to work together, where do children have to go to find affirmation, love, learn respect for authority, and learn to value and respect life and the property of others? Children learn respect, accountability, and responsibility by the strength of their family.

Divorce or separation changes the family, yes. Divorce or separation, even the most friendly ones, still hurt. The hurtful emotions of divorce and separation run deep and cut to the core. In a perfect world we would not hurt one another or betray one another -- but our world is far from perfect, but it still is a good world.  Even though divorce or separation is so hard and so complicated, with support, resources, and encouragement children can still thrive and grow if the parents find peaceful resolution.  Even though parents are not together anymore does not mean the family no longer exists.   The family restructures.  Parents have to decide what form the restructuring will take.  Working through the emotions of divorce or separation takes courage and it requires a great deal of strength to move forward, and a strong constitution to put things aside and work for the good of the family as a whole for the sake of the children. Children can thrive in single parent homes and blended families if parents are able to work together through the challenges.

In mediation, I have seen parents work out parenting time schedules. I have seen parents put a communication plan into place.  I have seen parents turn around a conflicted co parent relationship into a working dynamic by putting some of the principles in the Impact Parent Education course into place that work for them. Parents that allow the Impact Parent Education materials to impact their thinking and implement some of the tools can transform their ability to work with one another.  

Professional Background

I have a background in court reporting and legal assistance with 10 years of experience in the courts.  I have certifications in family and large group conferencing, advanced training in working with high level conflict, the role of mental health disorders in mediation, domestic violence, restorative justice and circle mediation, workplace mediation, family dynamics, crisis management, parenting coordination, and divorce mediation.

I have been privileged in helping thousands of parents preserve integrity of family and find peace in heart and home through mediation and education. I have assisted hundreds of spouses proceed with divorce by default agreement and avoid seeing the inside of a courtroom other than to get their documents approved by a judge. I have helped thousands of parents reach resolution on custody and parenting time and assisted hundreds of unmarried parents learn to work together for the sake of the children they share. 

Families are the backbone and strength of society. The love and nurture within families incorporates all cultures, race or religion. Families are universally important in every culture all around the globe.

“I consider it a privilege and an honor to help parents preserve family.”

Making informed decisions can be like a puzzle.  It takes time to put all the pieces together.  Please start by carefully choosing your parent education provider.  If you need the services of a mediator, please look carefully for the right mediator within or close to the community in which you live.

"I personally thank you for choosing the IPE course."


Lois Warner
Mediator and Legal Assistant and Parent Coordinator

Author of the "Impact Parent Education" program


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